V-Day Dinner At Home? Caminada Wine’s Malbec & Chardonnay Are An Ideal Accompaniment

Even though Valentine’s Day is all about getting out and having dinner and drinks with your significant other, your gal pals, or even yourself not everyone wants to deal with the crowds, reservations, etc. Fortunately, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day at home especially if you’ve got the perfect wine and/or cocktails. I recently had the opportunity to sample a Malbec and Chardonnay from Argentina-based winery Caminada and I have to say that both wines seem like they’d be perfect for an at home Valentine’s Day dinner. And with a price point around $10 you really can’t go wrong.

I’ve never been much of a Chardonnay kind of gal and I have absolutely no idea why because it seems like the perfect wine for me, but I was really impressed with Caminada’s Chardonnay. If you find that Zinfandel and Moscato wines are entirely too sweet and you aren’t a big fan of the drier red wines then I think you’ll really enjoy the Caminada Chardonnay.

Food Pairings: Poultry, veal, pork, and fish. Pasta dishes that feature cream and/or butter, mushrooms.

I feel like I’m not the greatest when it comes to describing the taste of various wines, but I’ll give it my best shot with Caminada’s Malbec. Upon first tasting this wine there was an immediate fruity flavor, plum is what comes to mind. Then it kind of transitions into a bolder, less fruity flavor. And umm that’s about all I’ve got lol. I told you I’m not the greatest at this whole describing tastes thing. I sampled the Malbec by itself, but I’m really curious as to how it would taste paired with a spicy dish. I’m a huge fan of all things spicy hence the curiosity.

Food Pairings: Spicy Mexican, Cajun, Indian, or Italian fare (especially with tomato-based sauces).

(Note To Reader: Snuggie’s worn backwards and wine bottles resting on the edge of countertops do not mix. Just ask my broken bottle of Caminada Chardonnay.)

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