Watch Me Turn This Young Jeezy Listening Session Recap Into A Liquor Post

This blog is obviously about liquor and I never want to get too off track content wise, but there was so much Ciroc at the Young Jeezy listening event that I just had to do a write-up. So I had the opportunity to check out Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy’s private listening session for his upcoming album “TM: 103″ thanks to a last minute invite from a friend. The event was pretty empty when I got there so I immediately got a few random camera phone pictures in.

I have to admit I was somewhat saddened by the selection at the bar upstairs. From the looks of it there was absolutely no liquor. Not very Lushworthy. I later made my way back downstairs where the listening session was to take place and voila!

I immediately inquired about the Coconut Ciroc and what mixers they had available. The bartender, who was super nice, suggested cranberry juice and I was surprised at how tasty a combination the two were. With coconut anything the immediate mixer of choice is usually pineapple juice so the cran was an interesting choice.

With quite a few liquor mentions throughout the album (Patron, Belvedere and Ciroc were all mentioned) “TM: 103″ automatically gets the Lushworthy seal of approval from me. As an Atlantan I’m of course a fan of Young Jeezy and from what I heard last night I’m pretty sure when “TM:103″ is released on December 20th it’ll make some serious noise.

Young Jeezy photo by Joi Pearson via