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Both the Hip-Hop and liquor worlds were buzzing this week at the latest news from France-based cognac house Hennessy. Earlier in the week, the liquor heavyweight announced that rapper Nas would serve as the spokesperson for the brand’s 2013 “Wild Rabbit” campaign.  “Announcing our #WildRabbit #icon for 2013! — @Nas aka Nas Escobar aka #NastyNas — we’re proud and excited #LifeIsGood,” read a Tweet made from Hennessy’s official Twitter account on Tuesday (November 20).

The campaign launched earlier in the year with help from singer Erykah Badu and boxer Manny Pacquiáo and was created to showcase what drives people to pursue their passions. It’s unclear if Hennessy will bring on any other entertainers for their 2013 “Wild Rabbit” campaign, but we’re very much looking forward to seeing what rabbit they’ll pull out of their hats with this one.

I’ve got to hand it to Hennessy their “Wild Rabbit” campaign looks great aesthetically. Shortly after boxer Manny Pacquiao’s “Wild Rabbit” campaign hit both the internet and television it looks like singer Erykah Badu is next up with her campaign for “Wild Rabbit” and Hennessy. For the campaign Badu described her “Wild Rabbit” as “Bringing new things into the world by following my heart.” And in her ad the singer is pictured in black and white sporting a voluminous, curly fro and next to her is the shadow of a rabbit.

While I’m really impressed with the look of Erykah Badu’s “Wild Rabbit” campaign someone on Twitter brought up something that I found to be a bit interesting. Take a look at the Tweet…

Yes, Erykah Badu is in fact vegan and one of the cocktails listed under the “Music Icon” recipes list on the Never Stop Never Settle site is made using egg white. I don’t think this is a huge deal, but it definitely affects the genuineness of the campaign in my opinion.

Boxer Manny Pacquiao is just one of several celebrities Hennessy has tapped for their new “Wild Rabbit” campaign. Pacquiao recently appeared in this commercial for Hennessy which concludes with a quote from the boxer that reads, “Fighting the fights that really matter. That’s my Wild Rabbit.”

In a nutshell it seems like the “Wild Rabbit” is something that pushes you to pursue your dreams, but if you’re looking for a more in-depth explanation of the “Wild Rabbit” here’s a detailed description found on the Hennessy Wild Rabbit site.

“In Cognac, France, where Hennessy is made, rabbits run wild. But the intriguing animals are rarely seen.

Over time, people invented tales about them; Tales about a creature that lives in people’s minds.

This elusive Wild Rabbit, is thought to drive people from one success to another.

For 250 years Hennessy’s Wild Rabbit has been to build on our expertise and push our world class cognac ever closer to perfection. Constantly chasing. Never stopping. Never settling.”

You know I have to ask…what’s your Wild Rabbit?