With The Release Of Van Gogh’s Peanut Butter & Jelly Vodka Has Flavored Vodka Gone Too Far?

23 Mar

Gummy bears, birthday cake, marshmallows…yes these are all sweets you’ll find at a toddler’s birthday party, but oddly enough those are also the flavors of  various vodka’s. Years ago it seemed like vodka was merely flavored with fruits: coconut, raspberry, lemon, etc. Eventually though more unique flavors were added thanks to various vodka brands. Yea, it was pretty cool at first. I personally think that  any “whipped” flavored vodka is the bomb diggity, but the flavors of course began to get out of hand. I won’t name names, but I’m sure we all know an absurd vodka flavor when we see one.

I hate to pick on Van Gogh’s PB & J Vodka, but it just so happened to be the vodka I came across which triggered the whole “has flavored vodka gone too far” debate for me. I’ve definitely seen far worse than Van Gogh’s PB & J Vodka and quite frankly I’m a little bit curious as to how it tastes. But seriously though if I see a pickle-flavored vodka or a Pop Tart-flavored vodka I swear I’m going to hit up the Russian’s about this. And you know they don’t want to see their beloved vodka pimped out like this!